23 June 2020
We have reduced the price of hair removal! In summer, bioepilation is cheaper! Full leg waxing - 1000 rubles. Classic bikini waxing - 1000 rubles. Full bikini waxing - 1500 rubles.​
16 June 2020
Any skin care begins with washing and cleansing. After washing, for a deeper cleaning, you can apply a mask with black clay from Kosmoteros.
15 June 2020
In summer, special attention should be paid to cleansing and moisturizing the skin.
11 June 2020
We start to working after carantine!
11 June 2020
We open a new account in Instagram.
29 October 2019
Мы рады вам представить нашего нового мастера-стилиста Татьяну Шингерееву.