Hairdressing services

BARBARIS professionals are ready to fulfill your desires and do a wide range of classic and creative haircuts as well as colouring, hair and headsking treatment using cosmetics by such market leaders as Wella and Selective. Having experienced our services you will fell refreshed and renovated. We will consult you on how to personalize your look, select the make-up and advise you on suitable home hair care products.Our hairdressers use Wella hair cosmetics. Back in 1950 Wella released the world’s first creme toner Koleston Perfect which is still irreplaceable in more than 180 000 beauty salons from all over the world. Famous for its bright and shining palette of rich shades it enables each stylist to unleash his or her creativity. Masks up to 100% of grey hair and contains more than 25% of conditioning ingredients which softly treat every lock. Your hair is 66% brighter than before.

Here in our salon also use hair cosmetics by “Tribiotics” Selective Professionals. The key ingredient of its success is the system of safe permanent colouring implemented in hair care products and toners. Thanks to the special colouring technics you only get the desired colour and shade as a result. Hair coloured with Selective Professional preserves its brightness, elasticity and softness.