At BARBARIS beauty salon you can relax at our massage room in the soft hands of our professional masseurs. Massage will restore blood circulation, refresh your tired muscles, boost their efficiency and fortify your joints and ligaments. Thanks to rubbing, stroking and petrissage, your muscles and nerves will be back to normal, discomfort caused by overstrain will vanish. Lymph drainage massage is available at BARBARIS beauty salon. It stirs the lymph and favors release of toxins and extra fluids. Discharge of extra fluids in lymphatic channels helps clear the body of chemical waste, favoring weight loss. Lymph drainage massage harmonizes the organs activity and relieves the stress, improves skin elasticity, removes edema, improves complexion.
In order to restore skin elasticity, boost weight loss, get rid of the orange peel syndrome please come for anti-cellulite massage. During the procedure your blood circulation will be improved, which in its turns stimulates the metabolism and, as a result, cells get rid of fat. Also, cupping glass massage is very efficient. It improves the blood circulation, stimulated muscles activity, raises skin tone and muscles elasticity. An average procedure lasts 60 minutes.
Nothing will disturb you from the procedure. The dim light, soft music and aroma oils scent will escort you during whichever procedure you choose. After the procedure you will enjoy a cup of tea in the relaxed atmosphere, just before you plunge into the hectic Moscow life. With all massages it is recommended to avoid alcohol and drinks containing caffine until the following day.